NIU - He Tangata Matauhi - NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 RELEASE!


He Tangata Matauhi; Voices of the Ancestors - Maori influenced oracle card set and guide eBook.

Welcome to the world of Niu, He Tangata Matauhi ~ Voices of the Ancestors. These oracle cards utilise many of the teachings of classical Tarot and combines them with a Maori cultural framework to create an intuitive ethnic guidance.

The word Niu comes from an ancient Maori ritual which involved casting rakau (sticks) for the purpose of divination. How these rakau fell determined the outcome of a prophecy, forewarning, or spiritual message. He Tangata Matauhi translates as ‘one who foretells the future’, an oracle or divine messenger - a privilege usually bestowed upon a Tohunga Matakite (foreteller of the future).

NIU Oracle is a 56 oracle card set depicting 56 unique Maori influenced artworks. A 400 page published guide eBook accompanies the deck which describes the meanings behind each card.