Luciano Benetton Collection

"New Zealand: Kiwi Consciousness - "An unprecedented visual story illuminated by a passionate creative autonomy that speaks of pride, courage and moral clarity. A multi-faceted portrait of a land at the end of the world, with a unique and original identity derived from the interplay of cultures and ethnicities. This new Imago Mundi collection brings together 210 works that reflect all the extraordinary vitality of a nation that constantly reinvents itself and guarantees its artists the opportunity to navigate in accordance with a personal compass rather than follow the increasingly virtual and impersonal methods of consumerist art.""

IMAGO MUNDI COLLECTION - New Zealand: Kiwi Consciousness

Strong Resilient Wahine Publication Strong Resilient Wahine Publication Strong Resilient Wahine Publication Strong Resilient Wahine Publication Strong Resilient Wahine Publication Strong Resilient Wahine Publication

Strong Resilient Wahine

*** "E koekoe te tui, e ketekete te kaka, e kuku te kereru" ... Stories of all forms come from different times, places and emotional spaces. They shape our lives because they are born from our experiences and our understanding of the world around us. ***

SRW was an initiative I began in 2018, which developed into a series of printed Tees and then into a one-off publication that was published during mid 2023. The SRW initiative focusses on empowering wahine to stand in their own mana and self-worth.

Contributors included - Robyn Kahukiwa (Artist, Creative), Dayle Takitimu (Poet, Indigenous Rights & Environment Lawyer), Janette Hoppe (Spoken Word Artist), Sharn Maree (Spoken Word Performer), Trinity Thompson-Browne (Poet, Writer, Photographer), Anna Reeves (Counsellor, Creative, Painter), Collette Hutchby (Early Childhood Educator), Davi Henare-Kuru (Kaiarahi Kaimahi), Sharon Hughes (Healer, Death Doula), Edith Rolls (Weaver, Traditional Birthing Practitioner), Leah Waipuka-Bain (Reo Maori Educator, Public Health Management, Mana Wahine Claims), Jessica Gerbic (Maori Psychologist), Wikitoria Kauti-King, and Jasmine Brown (Rongoa Practitoners & Spiritual Healers).

NIU Publication NIU Publication NIU Publication

NIU - He Tangata Matauhi (Voices of our Ancestors)

The NIU guide is a 272 page guide book that accompanies the NIU Māori Oracle Cards.

Filled with story, maturanga Maori, insight and Maori cultural wisdom. The NIU guide is a brief glimpse into TE-AO-MAORI (The Maori world).

POUTAMA Publication


Pautama Atuatanga is a meditation technique/exercise based on a kaupapa Maori framework.

Catherine PELLINI - thesis Catherine PELLINI - thesis Catherine PELLINI - thesis

Artistic Creation at the service of identity affirmation, mana wahine and political demands

Subtitle: New Zealand Māori women's contemporary art | Language: French

At the intersection of several disciplines – anthropology, sociology, art history, and feminist and gender studies, this thesis deals with the works, practices, careers and discourses of New Zealand Māori women artists active in the field of contemporary art and living in an urban environment. Due to their many forms of belonging, these artists are behind specific political demands and identity affirmations: their work contains simultaneous references to their individual histories, their status as members of an indigenous minority and a tribe, and their condition as women and citizens of the New Zealand nation.

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GEOMETRY Publication


Issue One.