2017-13 Mana Wahine Series
--- Digitally printed on fine art, museum quality, cotton rag paper ---

Between 2013 and 2017 is when I created various digital imagery which I gathered under the umbrella and title of Mana Wahine. Mana Wahine generally relates to the female expression. There is actually no one English explanation that can define its meaning, as Mana Wahine encompasses many levels of understanding depending on the context or story being told. On one level, Mana Wahine can be an expression of female potency, power and authority, but it also can be an expression of time and space, and of potentiality ... something that moves and shifts with and through you at any given moment.

With my Mana Wahine series I like to think I move through story, connecting with culture and whakapapa in relation to my understanding and how I view the world.