NIU Series

"Mauri mahi, mauri ora; mauri noho, mauri mate ~ Industry begets prosperity (security); idleness begets poverty (insecurity)"

In a traditional Maori society idleness was a very uncommon occurrence. Our Maori Ancestors were hard working industrious people who engaged wholeheartedly in the day to day labours of village life - collectively working together to enhance the well-being of everyone. Because they were such quick and confident learners, they adopted innovative ways of doing things. This made them open to accepting new ideas, especially those that helped to improve the practical side of community life.

Maori rarely wasted anything, utilising much of their natural surroundings in their daily activities. They took what they needed, always giving thanks to the Kaitiaki (guardians) of those resources, and being fully aware of their duty and obligations towards regeneration.
(Excerpt from NIU - He Tangata Matauhi, Voices of our Ancestors)