NIU Series

Purakau (legend) says I am the great woman of the Night, Atua (Goddess) and ruler of the Underworld of Spirits. Hine-ti-tama (The Dawn Maiden) was my earthly name. I am the first human child and mother to mankind. Born of Tane, the great pro-creator of life, and Hine-ahu-one, the first woman formed from the red earth of Te Kurawaka, I am the manifestation of the female element who represents life, light and death.

I was predestined to transform my energy force - to transcend my limited earthly being for the benefit of all humanity. I claim authority over the world of Spirits cutting the aho-o-te-ao (the cord of the world) ensuring my children live only one cycle, thus becoming the spiritual pathway to the Underworld. I am now known as Hinenui- te-po. You may acknowledge me as the Mother of the resting place, the guardian of Rarohenga. In this realm I dwell for eternity. My embrace is a gift to my children. Here, I welcome you - those who pass from the physical world to the next.
(Excerpt from NIU - He Tangata Matauhi, Voices of our Ancestors)