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New Studio Space 2024

New Studio Space in Development...

Well, it’s been a while since I last updated this newsletter, six months actually. My social media spaces have also suffered during this time all due to the fact I’ve been busy … super busy! We (meaning my hubby and me) have been working hard renovating my new artist’s space in Henderson Valley.

To get you up to speed … the lease with my previous studio space in Grey Lynn ended at the beginning of this year, so we were on the hunt for another space, but bigger. We found this ideal warehouse building up or sale in Henderson that had loads of potential, although it was in need of a lot of attention. And so with my dreamy artist's eyes I saw the bones were really good but all it needed was some work here and there. Hmmm, six months down the track the dream cloud has obviously parted and my artist's eyes can now see it for what it is - a mission. There have been many times throughout this reno process where I've thought, holy heck, what a mistake we've made investing in this horrible thing. But I’m happy to say that we’ve finally reached a threshold and are now at the stage where things seem to be coming together fast. Painting walls really elevates a space to the next level. So the end is in sight now and I’m focussed on getting there. We're looking to have it all done and dusted by December (hoping anyway). By then I will no doubt have a lot of body aches and pains, but it will be all worth it!

One of the possible layers to the studio (other than using it for my creative art space and gallery) is to look at offering it up as a wahine space for reflection, maybe running intimate wananga? I don’t really know what this would actually look like yet, but I have had this vision stirring in my mind for a long time and it seems the warehouse could be the time and place for this idea to unfold. Some whakaaro would be welcomed.

NIU cards

NIU Kaupapa...

The NIU kaupapa continues on its journey of healing and reflection. They are in full circulation now, out there being used in ways where people are now experiencing them in wananga and also in counselling sessions with professional health workers. I could not imagine looking back to its inception where the NIU pathway was going to end up and how they were going to be used 5 years down the track. I continue to be humbled by the impact they are having. Thank you so much to those who continue to utilise them in helping and awakening others. And thank you to those of you who get in touch with positive feedback. Hearing your korero inspires and uplifts me so that I continue in this path of being in service to others in my creative way.

For the past 4 months or so I have been saying there are no more NIU decks available, but recently I discovered a box of NIU decks (hiding) while moving boxes to my new studio space. I'm not sure how this box got lost in the way that it did, but I'm happy to say there are now 40 decks available at this time. If you wish to purchase please do this via email. They are still specifically on offer to healers (or those who are in service to others), so please korero about your mahi when you email your enquiry. Please use the 'Contact' above to get in touch.

I know I haven't been very vocal lately with the NIU kaupapa, especially in terms of my social media platforms, but once the studio is finished at the end of the year I will look towards coming back to it. As I continue to fill my kete of knowledge daily, many creative ideas have come to mind, one of them being the potential of additional cards. Another idea that has stirred recently is to create another deck all together, an Atua Wahine deck in app form that both compliments the NIU and Poutama Atuatanga kaupapas. We'll see where this goes.


Future Projects...

There are lots of things I am hoping to achieve in the coming new year. As it’s a 9 year (2025=2+0+2+5), it’s a significant time for manifestation and transformation. If you’re into numerology you will probably understand what I’m saying. The earth continues to shift and transition in consciousness, so in essence all other interwoven consciousnesses (from her micro to her macro) are also in the process of shifting. I am looking to move away from digital prints for a little while and come back to painting on canvas, sculpture, photography and craft. I am looking forward to developing projects that will have me work more with my hands and getting out and about in nature.

One particular project that will be initiated during this new creative phase involves this collaboration with sculpter and creative Claire Nicholls (https://www.sculpturenz.com) and her 10 beautiful clay monk sculptures she has recently made for me. These will be Atua Wahine, so I’m keen to add my artistic license to them very soon.

Woman in Chair artwork

Thank you again for your on going support in whatever way that manifests within the conscious web. Hopefully it won’t take me another 6 months to get in touch! The warehouse has been (and still is) a creative venture in itself. A lot of sweat and tears is going into it at this time, but it’s about achieving a dream also.

One thing that has helped me to push forward and stay positive is reminding myself to have ‘gratitude’, which basically means acknowledging and appreciating what I already have and allowing what needs to come next in its own time. I am constantly having to adapt and change my plans, which means having to lower (or adjust) my expectations of the final outcome. This can be a challenge, ... and scary, and also counterintuitive at times, but I try to believe this allows the Universe to do its thing all in good timing. Basically, it's just another way of saying ... its all in the journey itself, so I keep the end dream alive but know that I need to accept that it may not match exactly what I first envisioned.

ma te wa, until next time...